XeliaShopping will help you to create shopping lists and manage product when you do out for shopping.

TPAD's Apps

TPAD - XELIA - IForwarder App


Figure out to send a web page or iPhone textual clipboard contents to your local computer (Mac or Windows), or to transfer a mail attachment (pdf, txt,...) for a better visualization on your computer monitor, so iForwarder is the app that solve your problem!

IMPORTANT: iForwarder needs an helper application installed on your computer. You can download it from † http://goo.gl/0tSFD

Download XeliaShopping! Find more in the official site iforwarder.xelia.it!


TPAD - granny runnerGRANNY RUNNER

Let grandma go using the accelerometer of your iPhone / iPod Touch into a road full of obstacles and hazards ready to stop her!
Improves the running score as you can facing levels more difficult with new cars and enemies! With potions to recover the granny's vitality.

Run to the official site: you'll find news and itunes link to download it


iSilencePlease - TPAD appsiSILENCEPLEASE

Are you tired of being constantly bothered while you work, study or read?
Simple! Raise up the volume and put the iPhone to listen to the ambient noise, and when will exceed a threshold determined by you, will come a peremptory demand for silence.

The silence is your right, and iSilencePlease helps you to conquer it!

Run to the official iSilencePlease's site: you'll find news, goodies and itunes link to download it